We MAKE time if we care enough.

You’re making a fool of yourself trying to blame something nonsensical. Time cannot be controlled. We have 24 hours in a day. Make do with it. Be grateful we have it.

Again, we don’t HAVE TIME for anything. We just MAKE TIME for things. Especially the important things. Like your health, career, family, friends (or are these not important to you?).

Let’s take your work for example. You need to work to earn money, which you can use to pay for necessities such as food, shelter etc. I’m sure you don’t wake up, call your boss and tell him/her that you’re too busy today so you’re not going to attend work. Why? Because work is important and you NEED to go. As much as you want to sit around all day watching movies and eating tacos, you know it is TIME FOR WORK so you MAKE AN EFFORT to go, no matter how much you don’t want to.

[ Everyone here has busy lives, hectic work, families, friends, charity work, voluntary work. Yet they find time to train…what’s your excuse?]

You work for a financial income to help you survive. Working thus becomes a PRIORITY. Do you not think having good health is a priority too? You have a set work schedule, you know when you have to go to work. Unless you take annual leave which are limited, there is no compromise. You should be doing the same for your health. Schedule inTIME FOR TRAINING. That time is your time and don’t compromise. Treat this time with the importance that it deserves.

Something to take away…

– If you have time to get drunk, you have time to train.
– If you prioritise getting drunk over your training, don’t complain about being unfit, overweight, ill.
– Prioritise your health. It’s important. More important than money and anything else.
– Schedule in time for training and make no compromises and work things around your training, just like you do with your work schedule.
– No matter how you think of it, you can always make time for things important. If you don’t or can’t train after work, then watch less TV at night, go bed earlier. Wake up earlier and train before work.