Nexus Nutrition || January Challenge

The Healthy Habits challenge is BACK!

The Nexus Nutrtition || Healthy Habits is a 6 week challenge we run to help members with their nutrition habits.

It is extremely easy to search the Internet for nutrition information or find a program that promise results. However, the reality is, these programs rarely make us change our ways, so even if it does work, it’s not sustainable.

This is due to a lack of personalisation, a lack of support and a lack of accountability. Which happen to be the three most important things when it comes to changing our nutrition habits. We can all say we’re going to do X, Y or Z but two weeks later when we’re bored of our same three meals and our friends tempt us with a rogue meal, it all goes down the pan and we’re back to square one.

This is why Healthy Habits is different.

Support, accountability, motivation, determination and knowledge is a constant stream.You’ll be supported, encouraged and participating along side your friends and other like-minded individuals. You won’t be short on motivation.

Having someone checking in regular with you on how you’re progressing makes a world of difference to your accountability and outcome. No more winging it.

Most importantly, it’s YOUR habits. There is no one size fits all. We will be working together on an individual bases. You can ask me anything, explain any issues you may be having and we can work out how to make it work for you! When you encounter a hiccup we can change, adapt and overcome, rather than give up and go back to square one.


“There was a remarkable acceleration of change in my appearance once I got my nutrition under control”


What the challenge involves:
(You will receive a more detailed breakdown of the challenge once you start)

– This requires 6 weeks of hard work and dedication. No Excuses.
– We will be eating only real, whole foods.
– Avoiding SUGAR and all processed foods.
– More regular meals.
– More water.
– A food diary everyday. (No one will see this besides you and I).

Informative webinar ~ January 12th Saturday.

We also hope you’ll learn something from this challenge. We will be doing an informative webinar at the beginning and end of the challenge. The first one will take place on Saturday January 12th and will cover a lot of information about:

– WHY we should be eating this way.
– WHAT it’s doing to our health when we don’t.
– HOW to make it easier for ourselves including at work and social events.
– And answers to all your questions too.

The closing webinar will be about how to transition this 6 week, very strict challenge into our everyday life. Learning how to live somewhere between the two extremes of a challenge and a diet that isn’t serving us well.

If you are interesting in signing up for the challenge, see more below for your options.

Healthy Habits Free & Healthy Habits Pro.


“My mid afternoon headaches stopped and
I had a lot more energy throughout the day”


This year we are adding a second pathway to the Challenge.

“Healthy Habits Pro” will be a more in-depth, one to one nutrition coaching experience. This is highly recommended for those who have tried Healthy Habits Free previously and are ready to kick it up a notch, or for those who have been trying and struggling with their nutrition for a while and feel they need that personal nutrition support for that breakthrough.

Below is how the 2 pathways differ;



“I decided to retake my measurements….
I’m absolutely ready to either skip round the house naked or do naked star jumps! 5 inches of chub from round my back/waist and 1.5inches off my thighs GONE.”


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.
To sign up please click the button below and let Julia know of any goals or questions you have! Alternatively call, 07880886655