🔊  What is the CROSSFIT GAMES: OPEN? ⁉️

The Open is the global qualifier for the CrossFit Games held by CrossFit themselves.
This five-week, five-workout competition is held at CrossFit Affiliates around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Read about it in more detail below.

🔊  So what is the NEXUS~OPEN TEAM SERIES? ⁉️

We want ALL of you involved. It’s our own little in-house, XI~members exclusive, FUN, competition. Following the same format, for 5 weeks, every Friday in classes, we will be doing the OPEN WODs. 

You do NOT need to sign up to CrossFit Games Open to participate in our Team Series.

🔊  What does it involve? ⁉️

Not much on your part! Simply complete the WOD set on Friday’s class and that’s it! 
If you can’t make it in on a Friday or don’t usually attend then, you still have Sat, Sun and Mon to complete it. (Which means there is no reason for you to not take part!) 

🔊  How does it work? ⁉️

– There will be houses [teams], each led by a House Captain. These Captain will rally you all together and also guide you through the workouts!

– Participants will be assigned a house. (It will be spread evenly in terms of ability and experience levels).

– Participants will have between Friday till Monday night to complete the wod. Again we will be doing these on Fridays during the classes anyway.

– Once completed, scores will be entered into a NEXUS private leaderboard of all participants. Your individual scores will be accumulated to form a total score for your House. (Essentially, you contribute to your House’s score and ranking.)

– At the end of the 5 weeks, after the 5 wods, we will see where the houses stand with prizes!

🔊  Will it be scary? Will I be able to do it? ⁉️

Everyone is able to do it! In the CF Open, there are multiple categories for ages etc. These categories are split into two divisions; RX (as prescribed) and Scaled (scaled) divisions. 
The scaled is achievable and accessible to pretty much everyone.

For our Team Series, you will be able to scale even further to make it applicable for everyone. Scoring will reflect scaling and progressions accordingly.

Nancy Hoshaw, who survived a heart attack at 48 and breast cancer at 60. At 73, she’s entering the CrossFit Games Open. Why can’t you?

It won’t be scary and it will be lots of fun! Every year, the vibe and atmosphere when we do it is amazing! Don’t miss it! 

🔊  When does it start? ⁉️

22nd February for 5 weeks.

FEB. 22 – MAR. 25
19.1- Feb. 22-25
19.2- March 1-4
19.3- March 8-11
19.4- March 15-18
19.5- March 22-25

🔊  What does it cost? ⁉️

Nothing! Free and exclusive to NEXUS Members!

We aim to provide some cool prizes at the end of it for a number of different awards. However, more than welcome to make an OPTIONAL contribution to the sponsor prize jar and ALL of it will go towards better prizes and trophies etc. (£3, £5, £10) Whatever you want to put in BUT it is not compulsory. 
(PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a fee to participate). 

🔊  How do I sign up?! ⁉️

Easy! You can…
Put your name down on the notice whiteboard in the box!
Click on the button below and register!
Comment on the FB Members Group post!

We will be badgering you all in classes too as there really is no reason for you not to! It’s free, it will be a good laugh and lots of fun. Even more so if you are going to be in Friday, Saturday, Sunday during those weeks!

🔊I want to know the Houses available to represent!!! ⁉️

As do we all…hehe prepare for lots more artwork coming soon! 

[Peach’s] PIRATES
[Julia’s] JAGUARS
[Lyndsey’s] LUCKY CHARMS
[Lynette’s] LYCANS
[Nicky’s] KNIGHTS
[Connor’s] COWBOYS
[Miche’s] MINIONS
[Siobhan’s] SPHINXES
[Anton’s] ANTLERS

The House Captains all have plenty of experience with the Open and will be able to answer questions you have about the open and will lead their houses to lots of fun and bundles of laughs!


Are you ready for five epic weekends?!