Member shout-out [009] || Andy A

#Attaboy! || Andy A  😍

“An informal expression of encouragement or admiration to a man or boy.”

From Kate R’s incredible achievements, we now turn our attention Andy!


Andy has been with us a little over a year now, and he has made some pretty incredible improvements across the board!

He will agree that he is in no way a natural at weightlifting and gymnastics, but his willingness to listen, work hard and trust the process has seen him progress tremendously in a year into a well rounded athlete. Focusing on getting the basics dialled in have worked wonders! Especially for those pull ups 👌🏽

Those of you who have had the pleasure to meet Andy will know that he is always a friendly soul to have around the box, very encouraging and extremely hard working.

We are still unsure whether this hard work stems from Andy enjoying CrossFit, or the fear of his daughter, @ahernelucy beating him in most workouts! 😋

Well done Andy, your dedication this past year has not gone unnoticed and your progress is testament to the time you’ve put in.

Keep it up 😁👍🏽


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