Nil P – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial

Nil P – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial


I found CrossFit XI:XI through friends and family. Lisa, a member of CFXIXI mentioned it to my brother Micky as she knew he was very much into his gym and he told me about it. I didn’t know much about it, but heard it was quite intense and expensive in comparison to other gyms!  Once you join, you realise it’s worth every penny.


At first impressions, the place has great energy from the people, good organisation of the classes and knowledge of performing the right technique. First thing I noticed was the focus on technique, which I believe is very important. My issue has always been building the knowledge of how exactly to do each of the exercises and I got guidance throughout my foundation and classes. I loved how you could scale down from the normal RX [As prescribed] exercises too. I had an injury when I first started so it was great to work my way up and build up to heavier weights.


I’m a good few months in and I love the atmosphere and the people in the gym. For someone who hates putting a plan together and can never decide on what to do in the gym, it’s absolutely brilliant to turn up and find something planned in already and just concentrating on working hard. I feel I never get time to put a plan together so I suppose that’s why you pay the extra money for a dedicated strength and conditioning program in comparison to a regular gym where you don’t get that.



My main objective was to get fit, get my legs stronger and play football. I’ve never been able to play more than 5-10 games a season because of constant injuries and problems with my legs. They say squatting is important and 18 months ago I remember I struggled getting out of a chair without using my hands, I knew something wasn’t right.

Now… I’ve played 10 games this season and we’re only half way through the football season, which I believe CrossFit XI:XI to be the main reason with improving my fitness and strengthening my legs. I hit a PB front squat of 75kg recently baring in mind I started off on 40kg. I can easily get out of a chair without my hands now! I also feel and look better in my appearance. You work on so many different areas in CrossFit, it’s helped me get into shape and I’ve managed to get rid of most of the belly!



If you’re someone who struggles to know what to do in the gym and need help and guidance getting fit, then CrossFit XI:XI is fantastic. If you’re someone who already has a good routine but feel you could push yourself a bit more, then CrossFit XI:XI will take you to that next level. Overall the culture is great, you’ll meet some great people, get fit and along the way you can to through some heavy weights around

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