Keeley S – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial

Keeley S – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial

I trained at CrossFit XI:XI [Eleven:Eleven] for two weeks whilst visiting family in England. Having had a break from CrossFit i was keen to give it another try.

I felt welcomed from the minute I messaged Ray [Owner/Coach] to make inquiries! On my first visit and in every visit, all the members were so friendly and inviting. They all came to talk to me and introduce themselves.

The Coaches Ray and Sean were very attentive, watching my technique carefully and giving me pointers. They explained the movements to me in detail to help me understand why things are done a certain way.
The thing that stood out to me also is that they do not let you get carried away with yourself. I got excited about one WOD (workout) and asked to upscale my box jumps. Ray would not allow it and afterwards, I thanked him for that. They truly have your best interests at heart. I felt very safe in their hands which I think is an important factor with CrossFit. The movements are quite technical, so you need somebody who really knows their stuff and makes sure you train sensibly. This place is just that.

I’m really glad I had the pleasure of working out at this ego free, positive, happy environment. It has certainly restored my faith in CrossFit and next time I am in the UK, I will definitely be back there.
Thanks guys for working me hard and making me smile.

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