Kate J – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial

Kate J – CrossFit XI:XI Testimonial

Well looking at myself now compared to just a year ago, I don’t even recognise the person I’ve become. I’ve changed not only physically but mentally too all for the johnson2better.


After trying every fad diet going and seeing small results for a short time, I’ve finally found something that works for me! For years I’ve yo-yo dieted everything from diet shakes, slimming world and even tried eating minimally. When it comes to fitness I’ve flitted from different gym classes, sports and exercise regimes but never found something that I could stick with. They would usually only last 3-6 months max before I would give up and fall back into my same old habits of bad, actually terrible eating habits and trying to compensate by working out (which I now realise does not work!).


When I first joined CrossFit XI:XI as a founding member, I never thought I’d be where I am today! In my first session, I couldn’t even clean 30kg and now I’m currently cleaning 52.5kg! Let alone doing snatches, split jerks, squat cleans and the rest! I’ve gone from strength to strength and I have never felt better or stronger in myself. I would never have imagined I’d finally find a lifestyle I love that involves lifting weights, eating clean and spending most of my spare time at the gym! I used to hate the thought of going to the gym, and would definitely not have gone into the weight section of any gym.


I have never felt better or stronger in myself.

The constant support from not only the coaches but the other members is overwhelming (not something you get at any conventional gym!). I have made friends at CrossFit XI:XI who will now be my friends for life and help me out in so many ways as they have the same outlook as I now do! To see physical changes in myself is amazing, but doing things I never thought I could is the best feeling of all! I can now do pull ups, press ups, Olympic lifting and even running! So now with 5-6 sessions of CrossFit a week and clean eating I’ve finally changed my lifestyle and changed myself for the better, this time I know it’s for the long term. Who knows I may even be competing in CrossFit competitions in the near future!

[Coach’s comments:]

The remarkable change in Kate’s physique doesn’t happen magically. Kate consistently puts in the effort, dedication, commitment to following our programming and coaching to make these 11235003_10155931155300226_4264124523345523418_o-e1437666711576changes happen, but she ‘gets it’ and understands there is no magic pill – only hard work and dedication.

Kate is a pleasure to coach, yes she moans and whines every now and then but it’s all in good jest, as she always gets stuck in and gets it done. The incredible transformation you see in the photographs is all credit to Kate’s immense work ethic and should be nothing but inspiration to everyone looking to achieve better health.

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