Injured.. but wanting to still train?

Injured.. but wanting to still train?

Hey guys,

We’ve been dealing lately with quite a lot of people who have injuries but still wanting to train.

We just need to set some clear ground rules on this and we have talked about it informally to individuals before but it has a tendency to repeat itself as new people come in.


If you are carrying an injury but still feel you can work around it:
– Inform coaches of your injuries and what movements are off the menu
– Let coaches know (earlier in the day) you are planning to train so we can feedback to you whether a session is manageable for you to modify or whether you just need to take the day off OR suggest you do your own thing outside of the class format.


On occasions we are having people turn up for classes without any notification with an injury or multiple injuries and expecting us to plan the session for them on the fly. This is unfair on both the coaches and other members when we are about to start a class.

If you are having to substitute multiple movements we are creeping into Personal Training territory where a session is having to be completely individualised for you from warm up to workout. This is where people need to take responsibility and potentially do their own lower skill workouts if they wish to keep their hand in for training.

If, for example, the session is all shoulders and you are off overhead work. Then you can either take a rest day or workout on your own in open gym or class time (as long as it does not interfere with class logistics with equipment and space). We will look to help you out as best we can to still be involved in some format but there will be occasions where people just need to accept that classes are off the table for a while and they need to do a little thinking for themselves. Keep things simple (rowing, skipping, running) and just keep moving as best you can during a time of rehab/rest/recovery.

I hope this helps clarify and ensures expectations are set with these circumstances.

Thanks Ray

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