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  • It’s something special. Something you will never have experienced before.
  • It is a strength and conditioning method to help you become stronger, fitter and healthier.
  • It’s professional coaching to the highest calibre to help you achieve your goals.
  • It is a community full of fun, loving, like-minded hardworking individuals.
    It is a lifestyle.
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What We Offer

Introductory to the basics

Learn Olympic Lifting movements

One to One coaching

CrossFit Class
High intensity

Functional movements, constantly varied

All coach led sessions

Personal Training
Work towards your specific and individual needs with dedicated attention


“Best decision I ever made coming to CrossFit XI XI the difference in my body and mobility in only a month has been amazing. You go there and have an excellent work out with your mates, come out buzzing then come home and spend the rest of the night talking about what an awesome time you had!”

Ian Rawlinson
Ian Rawlinson

“I’ll be there everyday without fail, really enjoying training, loving CrossFit, really feeling the difference and seeing the benefits.”

Carl Molineux
Carl Molineux

“New skills, pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions! Some talented and inspiring athletes at this box look forward to seeing how we all progress!”

Kate Murray
Kate Murray

“I was so humbled to be there, the community felt like a family, I have finally found my place in this box and wouldn’t change it for the world. You must come and experience it for yourself. The coaches are second to none, always willing and ready to help with any and every aspect of exercise you may be struggling on. Love it!!!!!!!”

Charlie Thompson
Charlie Thompson

“I came to Ray for some guidance on training to specifically help me with Cricket, it soon became clear that I had asked the right man! Ray has a wealth of knowledge and experience which shows as every session has been completely different, and challenging but mainly rewarding!”

Stuart Hornby
Stuart Hornby

“Numbers in my eyes speak volumes and I owe Ray a debt of gratitude for helping me lose the best part of 6 stone. He is has been there to call upon throughout the whole time I’ve been training with him and has been completely selfless in giving up his time in helping me achieve my goals. Everyone encourages you so much so that you push yourself to succeed more so than anything and because of that I feel happy knowing I will not go back to where I was previously and I will only get fitter and fitter. Thanks CFXIXI!"

Ian Fox
Ian Fox

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CrossFit XI:XI - Unit 24 - Oakhill Industrial Estate - Devonshire Road - Walkden - M28 3PT
Call Us: 07710 589180
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